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Due to fibreglass being an extremely lightweight material, it is used for cars that aim to exceed to performance of an everyday car. Formula 1 cars and many other racing car types will use fibre glass to form the body and shape of the vehicle as it has high shock absorbing properties as well as adding little weight to the vehicle.

Fibreglass has been used for many years but the uses of it have been limited, there are many organisations developing the material so that is has more uses to more people. In the vehicle industry it is currently being used to create commercial vehicle body kits for smaller vehicles such as buses as well as large scale products including planes and jets. 

As well as full bodies for vehicles car fibre is also used to make lightweight and functional components such as interior design and safety covers.

We have showrooms all over the UK including; Sheffield, Huddersfield and Rotherham, where you can view carbon fibre aspects of our cars and get a real understanding as to how lightweight they really are.

When using carbon fibre to create the shell of a vehicle there are a few options as to how this can be done which will impact the strength and appearance of the vehicle. Smaller vehicles such as cars will have a carbon fibre shell which comes in very few pieces where as a commercial vehicle such as a bus will be made up of fibre glass panels.

The advantage to using panels to create the shell of a vehicle is that they create a strong structure similar to how aluminium would function although carbon fibre is much lighter which will decrease the overall weight of the vehicle.


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